30 Things Women Should Never Be Ashamed Of

The numbers that stare back at you on a scale, your marital status, where you live, standing up for yourself, or even your choice to “glam it up” or to go “au naturel” should never be things that women are ashamed of. But why do we sometimes allow them to make us feel that way?

Every woman you meet has a different story, a different set of circumstances, a different mountain she was called to climb, and different likes and dislikes. These differences should not invalidate a woman’s worth or cause embarrassment, but instead should be celebrated for the diversity that it does to unite the female species. Women have been fighting an uphill battle to be accepted for who they are, and letting go of the things we are embarrassed or ashamed of, is the first step in being able to rid ourselves of shame.

So, why do we inevitably become ashamed or embarrassed when we feel aspects of our lives may not be up to the standards set by society at large? Perhaps it is because in order for others to feel better about themselves, they feel the need to point out our flaws, or to shame us into believing that unless we fit the perfect mold (having that degree from that perfect college, being able to fit into a particular size, living a lifestyle that society deems acceptable, etc.), that somehow we don’t matter and should be ashamed.

Darling, I’m here to tell you that you society has fed you lies because you, in fact, MATTER. Your story and who you are should inspire others to be themselves. There is no reason to be ashamed of the life you have been assigned to, or chose for yourself.

It is not our role as women to tear another woman down by using their differences as a dividing factor, nor she we ever humiliate another woman if they don’t fit the mold that we or society says they should fit into. It is our role as women to uplift and to support each other, even if a particular lifestyle choice is one that we would not choose for ourselves. Remember none of us are perfect, but we can all be perfectly imperfect and that is what makes us part of a special tribe.

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*Our lifestyles and choices should not be something to be ashamed of, especially if we’ve grown from our past. However, it is important to note there are situations when choices may be harmful to ourselves or an another person. In cases of abuse, one should not be ashamed, but one should take action to get help to stop it.



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Paulette Klein

Is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and recovering helicopter parent who is blogging her adventures @lifetraveledinstilettos.com