Have You Been Hugged? — A Valentine’s Day Game That’s A Sweet Treat

February is the month that cupid aims his bow and love is in the air. It’s also the month that we can get into the spirit of things and send little surprise “hugs” to unsuspecting friends and neighbors. When the world is in need of kindness and love, who says Valentine’s Day has to be just for couples?

If you are up for a little Valentine’s Day fun, we’ve got a new gifting game for you. Similar to October’s “You’ve Been Booed/Boozed”, or December’s “You’ve Been Socked”, February’s surprise sweet treat is “You’ve Been Hugged”.

What you will need:

Sample “You’ve Been Hugged” Flyer/Card

The best thing about this Valentine’s Day game is that any one at any age can be given a hug. So, this year, I chose two different families in my community for the Valentine’s Day Bug to visit. I ended up doing a child-friendly bag for a young family and an adult version for a young married couple without kids.

The Child-Friendly Bag of Hugs

The Adult Version Basket of Hugs

Use your imagination and have fun. Even if it is just Hershey Kisses in cellophane bags with little bows, or a tricked out basket overflowing with goodies, the point is just to send someone a special little tweet.

Drop a comment below and let me know if you’ve ever been “hugged” by the Valentine’s Day Bug, or if you have done your own version and “hugged” your neighbors.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!



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Paulette Klein

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